Worksop Indoor Golf Centre provides guaranteed golf all year round. The only indoor golf centre in Worksop.
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The difference is bay 1 has the Foresight Hawk which gives Full swing data to analyse the swing path and club face (link to hawk here please) Bays 2, 3 & 4 only give part club data swing path.

All bays give Full ball data for learning distance and playing a round.

Yes we have set the bays up for a traditional 4 ball for seating but the software can take 6. Larger groups see our Bay 3 & 4 booking together.

Yes all the bays are capable of playing on the courses because of the ball data, you can warm up on our virtual range too.

Yes you can use your own golf balls, you know how they perform. We ask you to use new balls or clean un-scuffed balls with no colour markings.

Not yet, we are in the process of getting sets together.

Select the BOOK NOW button and select the options - What bay, What date and what time or times if you want to stay for a few hours.

Start times are every hour, so we need 5 mins to get the bay ready for the next customer.

1 player gets around a course in an hour, 2 players go around easily in 2 hours, 3 players 2-3 depending on ability but a 4 ball usually can do it in 3 hours. Extra times can be booked if no one is following your time.

No, not at all we will guide you through to what you want in your session.

The main advantage is you can tailor the conditions, Your clubs, your ball, no wind and the most accurate launch monitors there is, the choice of the professionals. If you want to see what happens in wind we can put that into the parameters too. You stay warm and dry and at our facility watch sports TV and enjoy a drink from our licensed bottle bar or warm drink from our vending machine.

Yes, they do, so to play alongside right-handed players you need to book bay 1. 

If you are coming on your own or with another lefthanded player any bay can accommodate we simply swap the GC3 units over to the left of the bay.